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1007 Heritage Blvd
North Vancouver BC
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July Newletter . . .
Postino Dotcom is pleased to announce expanded Internet Services. As well as Web Hosting, DNS, UUCP and Pop Mail boxes, Postino Dotcom is also offering:

  • ADSL Hookups. Working with 2IC/Smartnet, high-speed dedicated Internet connections are available from $80.00 per month.
  • Firewalls/Internet Security. Sonic Wall firewalls from $750.00 . Security audits and best practices. Lock out the Hackers.
  • E-Mail & Web Servers. Whether you want NT with MS Exchange or Unix with Sendmail, we have the expertise and experience to Integrate with your current network and users. MS IIS, Netscape Enterprise or Apache : Mail and Web Servers are our bread and butter, and nobody knows them better than Postino.
  • E-Commerce Solutions. Catalogs, manuals, on-line ordering and Credit Card verification.
  • Web Page Design. Dynamic HTML, Shockwave, Flash. We can help you add sizzle to your web site.
  • Custom Programming. Perl, mod_perl, SQL, and PHP. Web page integration with SQL databases to add real-time update capabilities to your web site, web catalog or on-line ordering.
  • Linux. Servers that stay up for hundreds of days. Ask us to give you a chance to kick the tires and see what the hype is about. We have been working with Linux since 1995 and would be happy to share our experience with you.
If we can help you with any Internet related questions, please call, fax or e-mail.
Janet Aldham
Phone: (604) 924-3548
Fax: (604) 924-3548

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