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Anti-Spam Product Announcement . . .

Postino Dotcom is pleased to announce new products to eliminate spam and viruses from your corporate e-mail. The overwhelming amount of spam coming to your business can make e-mail annoying, disturbing, a waste of time or just plain dangerous. Attachments can carry viruses that may cripple your desktops and local area network.

  • Spam Assassin. Starting at only $39.95/month plus setup. This product will label the spam so you can ignore it, or can be used by our filters to throw out mail marked as spam. (Or file it somewhere else if you are not sure).
  • RAV Milter or ClamAV. Anti-virus software for all your company e-mail. Stop the viruses from getting to your building by filtering on our server or on yours.
  • E-Mail Archives. Save both sent and received e-mail to archives for business follow-up and legal protection.
  • Relay Protection. Donít allow your business to be used by spammers to flood your users or other businesses with spam. When this happens, you receive the flood of complaints. We can secure your e-mail servers for you.
  • E-mail Servers, Web Servers and UUCP Access. We still provide these basic services.
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